Our craftsmanship and professional approach to work has won us many a happy customer whether it be members of the public or the trade. All our work is bespoke designed to customers individual specifications, we work closely with our customers to ensure all their needs are met when creating something so personal and unique to themselves.

Not all our work is creating new stained-glass windows though! We also do a lot of renovation work on old stained glass / leaded lights. So if your property has existing stained glass already installed that is looking a bit weathered and worse for wear why not update them and give them a face lift! we don’t like to say they will look brand new but they will certainly be in much better condition than they were originally.

And with added benefits you will now be able to have them encapsulated, this means the new lead frame work we put around the stained glass allows them to be sandwiched between two pieces of glass meaning your house will now have triple glazed units giving you much better energy efficiency lowering the cost of house hold bills and also reducing out side noise along with adding much more sturdiness to the rickety old stained glass pane.

Whether you are a Private Resident, Architect, Interior Designer, Organisation, or a Company, we will be more than happy to discuss your individual design or restoration requirements and give you a quotation. You can be confident that we will do all we can to create for you a beautiful stained-glass window or door that will enhance your home or building.