What is a Splashback?

Simply, a Splashback is a large piece of glass that protects walls and surfaces from splashes! For example, in kitchens they are typically placed behind the hob to protect from splashes of oils or fats when cooking however they can be customised to fit any space no matter what the shape or size. Installing splashbacks is a great way to modernise and personalise your home.

The glass we use is called Opti clear low iron glass this means it is completely transparent and allows the true colour of your splashback to pass through the glass, where as ordinary glass has a green tint to it so it takes away the clarity of the paint on the splashbacks which is not what you want! All our glass is available in 6mm, 10mm and 15mm depending on the area in which it is to be fitted. It is also made on toughened glass for added safety as toughened glass is heat resistant up to 400°c and is extremely strong due to the process in which it is made.

Where can they be fitted?

Splashbacks can be fitted throughout your home or commercial space. We have fitted splashbacks in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, restaurants and salons. Splashbacks are not just for walls, they can be used as counter tops and work tops too.

How can I personalise my Splashback?

Splashbacks are available to order in an extensive variety of colours, to which we can match named brands such as dulux, Valspar, Laura Ashley and many more via our unique software programme containing around 30,000 colours, you can also add your very own image! We can personalise them further by adding stencil work and special effects such as a large selection of glitters, flash effects, quartz effects and marble effects.

Why should I choose Splashbacks?

Tiles are a thing of the past! Splashback are much more stylish, personal and contemporary. Not only this, they are also easier to clean, say goodbye to grouting and discolouring caused by stubborn stains.

How do I clean my Splashback?

The great thing about Splashbacks is that they are easy to clean! Simply wipe them down with hot soapy water and dry with a clean towel or use your preferred glass cleaner/cleaning product.